Walton Whistles



[Boys of the Town] (MP3, double jig, Walton's Little Black Whistle in D)

[Be Easy You Rogue!] (MP3, double jig, Walton's Brass in D)

[You Never Saw Her Equal] (MP3, reel, Walton's Mello D)

[The Ash Plant] (MP3, reel, tweaked Walton's Guinness in D)

The Waltons Family (of Whistles)

The Waltons whistles I have are a real mixed bag.

First, almost all of the Waltons I have are several years old, and the old ones all have a very sharp bell note...way way sharp. Easily fixed if cosmetics don't concern you...I use electrical tape to lengthen the bore a bit and they are fine. On the Guiness and Little Black Whistles, since the tape is black you can't see it's there unless you get pretty close.

I do have a Waltons Brass D that is only about half a year old, and it doesn't have a sharp bell note, so hopefully that's a good sign that whatever was causing this problem, they found it and fixed it.

The Guinness Whistle and the Little Black Whistle are both made of very light aluminum (or aluminium, if you prefer), painted black. Out of the box they were both pretty squeaky, but both tweaked up into good whistles. The Guinness I wound up replacing the entire blade on the fipple to get it right, the LBW just needed the blade smoothed and polished a bit to be fine. The sound is chiffy and somewhat edgy, and in all honesty tends to grate on my nerves fairly quickly on the LBW. The Guinness is very good but it took several hours worth of work to get it that way.

I have a better tale to tell on the Walton's Brass whistles. These seem consistently good, have moderately soft volume, are well balanced octave to octave, and have some chiff and not much edge to the sound. They are clean playing, responsive whistles--when I did the Scoiltrad whistle lessons, this whistle was usually what I recorded the evaluation recordings with. These are good, and I think especially for beginners and a great first whistle for those who don't like Clarkes. I always recommend Clarke as the first whistle to learn for those who don't just absolutely hate them.

The Waltons Brass "Mello D" whistle is a wide-bore version, very nice, has some resistance, and you can lean into it and play it aggressively if you like to do that. This is a nice whistle and I think one ought to be in every players collection. The sound is similar to the Brass D's but a bit more volume, a little more robust.