Up Here is the Syn bagpipe




[Emily's] (MP3, reel, on the new model Syn).  This is a wonderful, fun reel I learned from the playing of Seamus Egan, played here on whistle.

[The Jig of Slurs] (MP3, the new model Syn)

The Syn is an aluminum (or aluminium) whistle with a delrin fipple, or more precisely a delrin beak. It is a fairly wide-bore whistle.

The Syn I have is an early version, with curved windway and blade and the tightest voicing and most resistance of any whistle I have. It feels like you really have to work at pushing air into the whistle.

The tone is full-bodied and clear, pure, and it actually has a little bit of a ring to it that I love.

Volume is moderate; slightly softer than Susato, but louder than Generation-type whistles.

This is a favorite whistle of mine and I think the Syn represents a lot of bang for the buck. I have heard he has a later design which is supposed to be slightly easier to play, and I have one ordered.  Check back here for an updated review.

Update:  the new model Syn (heard above) is indeed easier to play.  Backpressure has been reduced, as has resistance, though it still doesn't require much air.  The tone is a bit purer and a lot less shrill on the high A and B.  There is still a bit of ring in the tone, and it has a full, rich tone that really sings.  This whistle is an extreme value for the price.


Black Diamond

A whistle by the maker of the Syn, brass tube with Delrin head.

[The Flogging] (reel, MP3)

[The Bucks of Oranmore] (reel, MP3)