Parkhurst E-Flat Whistle

Here is the [Trip to Durrow].

I have the no. 1 Parkhurst in E-flat. This is a wide-bore copper whistle with a wooden fipple plug.

The copper tube is polished with a mirror finish, and there are some decorative turnings on the tube and barrel, yet this whistle still has a bit of "made in the garage" look which I actually find charming.

The volume is moderate to moderately loud, and the whistle has some resistance and is very pitch-stable at a variety of blowing pressures. The octaves are nicely balanced and the second octave isn't shrill. Like many wide-bore whistles, it can handle some chromatics via cross-fingering including the elusive low G-sharp (x x o | x x x) which is very usable on this whistle.

The tone is pure with a bit of ring to it, a lovely open sound, some chiff, enough bite to be a very traditional sound. Nice. Very nice, very responsive, easy to play, and easy to listen to whistle.

It's a real winner; I hope to have one in D someday.