Oak / Acorn



[Planxty Davis] (MP3, first on the D Oak, then on the C Oak)

[A Demo Tune--Fahy's--on the Oak C]--recorded for someone to help them learn the tune.


The Oak is another whistle folks seem to have a love / hate relationship with.

My Oak whistle is a little raspy in the 2nd octave when cold...after maybe a minute of play or so, it gets its characteristic sweet, pure sound. Oaks also have a lovely little bit of chiff that pops in between notes.

The thing on Oaks is breath control, particularly for the lowest notes. As others have said before me, I think the secret is large amounts of slow-moving air.

My only real complaint on the Oak is that the lovely chromed finish can be slippery if your hands get sweaty.

One good thing worth pointing out about the Oaks is the sound is very similar to a good Gen but with better intonation. They can also be played quite fast with good response and accuracy.


Made by the Oak folks, this whistle plays to me sort of like a cross between an Oak and a Generation. Not a bad whistle, not really a spectacular whistle either, with some chiff and some breathiness and some resistance and pretty decent tuning. I like Oaks better. I also like (good) Gens better.