Howard Low D



The Howard low whistle

  [The CopperPlate / The Cause of My Grief]

The Howard whistle is a low D which looks almost like a large Oak / Generation - type whistle, being a black plastic fipple atop a metal body. 

This whistle has very large tone holes--the largest of any of my instruments including the Pratten-model flutes--but it is really pretty easy to play in spite of this.

Piper's grip is mandatory on this whistle, but with piper's grip it is not an overly hard whistle to manage.

The tone is lovely in the low register, lush and rich and strong.  The 2nd register tends to be a little hard to hit predictably till the whistle warms up; after that, it is clear and the octaves are well-balanced against each other in terms of tone and volume.

I really enjoy playing this whistle.  Also, since I have one of the anodized ones that has a bright green tube, it is visually striking and always gets comments when I play it in public.