Ah! Generation! 

This whistle is either a curse or a blessing, depending on whether or not you've found a good one.

A good Gen can be really spectacular...I am lucky and found one that plays almost as well as my Burke AlPro. A bad Gen is just a squeaky, raspy mess, but can sometimes be tweaked to also be a really great whistle...I like that Jerry is putting out the tweaked Gens, this is a great way for someone who wants the Gen sound to get one without having to play the whistle lottery and go through a whole case of the things.

Assuming a good Gen, this is a whistle without much resistance, and plays easily into the third octave. The tuning is a little off on some notes, but part of playing a Gen is learning to bring those notes into tune--you kind of have to make an association of "this note takes this much air" for each note of the whistle, particularly in the upper octave, where each note is a bit different from its neighbors.

How do I know if I have a "bad" Generation or a "good" one?

Listen to [this clip].  The first whistle is a bad Generation, and the second is a good one.


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