Friends & Family



We now have a cat, also a rescue.  World, meet Sushi Gateau!


Our next rescue ferret:  Zoe, a.k.a. Chewpie

This poor little girl came to us almost gone, badly malnourished, covered in fleas, and nearly exsanguinated.  We have seen her come back to life, which is the best reward we could have ever asked for!


Jesse:  Our Rescue Ferret

his first day with us

after 1 week

Jesse & Aoibheal (aka "Iggle")

Jesse loves Iggle

Ferrets & Snow!


[ferret movie 1]

[ferret movie 2]

[ferret movie 3]'s off to play!...


...I wanna drink...

Poofle!!! It's a dancing ferret!

...ok, here's the plan: first to the top of the sack, then to the windowsill...

One of life's greatest joys is to be walked on by a happy ferret...

Chewie and Shannon, discussing matters of profundity

Bug knows why we serve him, of course! 

Sometimes Chewie sleeps with his tongue hanging out...cute!

our newest, Aoibheal, a wee precious nippy thing!

Aaauugghh!  Save me from the wee vicious fert, before she...combs my beard!!!  Aaaarrrggghhh!!!

Aoibheal and Chewie...a size comparison.  Chewie runs from her.  ;-)


Chewie in all his glory...and yes, his eyes really do look like that most of the time!

Chewie in the digbox.  Yummy starch peanuts!!!

Chitterbug, or just plain Bug.  He is a most noble little beastie!

Bug is sleepy...