[A Polka from Session] (MP3)

Feadog whistles are a brass whistle with a plastic fipple, and share design features with other inexpensive metal-tubed whistles such as Oaks, Acorns, and Generations.

Intonation is quite good on these whistles.  C-natural may be fingered with either common fingering well enough, (o x x | o o o) or (o x x | x o x).  The octaves are well balanced.

This is a responsive whistle with a very clean tone and a lot of chiff popping in between notes.  The tone has some edge to it, and the volume ranges more to the aggressive side than is common with other inexpensive whistles, being more on a par with Susato and Syn.  The tone is traditional and is great for laying down a dance tune but many will not find it a friendly whistle for the playing of slower listening pieces such as airs due to the edge in the tone and to the volume.